Community Art Project

In  2018 The art work commissioned by Littlemore’s Parish Council (using £17,000 provided by Oxford City Council to offset the environmental impact of planning developments in the area) will provide a rest area on the village green: the Parish Council’s steering group wanted something that was both visually attractive and functional. It will also reflect Littlemore’s diverse historical past. The chosen artist, Joshua Rose was a former pupil of Peers School with a specialism in wooden structures. Please see Littlemore Local Issue 419 for more information

In June 2014 Parish Council commissioned Josh Rose a local artist and former pupil of Peers School (now The Oxford Academy), to develop and produce a piece of community art work. Josh extensively consulted with local groups and held workshops with local school children to develop the design.


In 2008 Littlemore Parish Council received £17,000 from Oxford City Council. This 106 money came from the housing development on the former Beenhams site (Astrop Way). Conditions on the money meant that the sum had to be spent on a ‘Community Art Project’ in the vicinity of the original development.

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Public art project
Students of John Henry Newman School attended a workshop with Josh as part of the consultation process.

Public art project
Children forming the vision, these ideas contributed to the final design.

Public art project
Classroom and and on-site workshops aimed at developing perspective.

Public art project
Aug 2014 Parish Council extended the consultation to public suggestion boxes and meetings with the public.

Public art project
Josh also consulted with Littlemore History Society to start to develop materials and themes.

Public art project
Josh then developed the process of incorporating the art work into the materials. From these workshops the design evolved.

Public art project
LPC planning application 15/02171/FUL was submitted on 31st July 2015. The project was refused permission on 7-10-2015, LPC resubmitted a new application. This time relocating the project on the Village Green.

Public art project
The latest proposal still resembles the early vision.

The artwork is currently under construction off-site, with a installation date due sometime in 2017.


Steering Group:
Anne Mogridge
Mary Steele
Pat Good
Pauline Jones