Herschel Crescent Recreation Ground Refurbishment 2021

Following a consultation with residents in 2013, Herschel Crescent Recreational Ground was upgraded with a new zip line, picnic area, basketball hoop, playful seating, and BMX track and alongside this a full adult sized football pitch.

In 2017, Littlemore Parish Council embarked on an exciting new project that would see the now demolished Sports Pavilion replaced with a brand NEW Sports Pavilion and workshop at Herschel Crescent Recreation Ground.

The plans would include a further full adult sized football pitch, alongside the implementation of new footpaths, wildflower meadow and more trees.

To enable this exciting new project to progress the Council members agreed for future Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and S106 money received from developments in area to be placed in a protected reserve until enough has been raised.

Early indications show that the project will cost in the region of £350,000. To ensure that the Parish Council meet our lease agreement and local planning standards talks with relevant departments at Oxford City Council have been held, these are progressing well and will continue to take place during the upgrade.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, aspects of this development have been held up. The Parish Council have applied for pre-planning permission and inline with Council policy will be appointing a project management team to handle the whole build. The workshop will be built first followed by Sports Pavilion. The project may also see the build of a first floor area to house office and meeting room for the Council.